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Win-It-Now Mission & Vision

To play the game you need to Register and log in to the site . You can view the result in two ways. Either you can buy the package of the game or you can play directly. For those who bought the package can view the result in their dashboard without sending SMS. Those who are not buying the package need to send SMS to 31000 to see your result. The Registered users can take part in Lottery and win exciting gifts. Rice Grain: You can play this game and can win the gifts from winitnow.net. You will get the winning message as SMS on your phone. ( Provided you need to send SMS to 31000 to get the SMS if you have not bought the packages for the corresponding game.) Bird Shooter: You will get 60 sec to score as many points by shooting the birds. By moving the rifle you can aim and shoot the birds by clicking on the mouse. Winning chance will be much more higher if you are able to shoot Dragon.

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